The International STEM Society for Human Rights

The International STEM Society for Human Rights (ISSHR) is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to applying STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics), Education, and the Visual and Performing Arts to safeguard, nurture, and empower survivors and individuals who are most vulnerable to become victims of human rights abuses. The institution consists of three Chapters – H.E.R. (Humanity Education & Rights), P.E.E.R. (Preservation of Environment & Ecosystem Rights), and D.A.T.A. (Disable Active Target Assets) – which together integrate various fields of expertise and offer a multifaceted approach to more fully address human rights issues around the globe.

H.E.R. Challenge & Clubs

The mobilization of as many members of the general populace is necessary in order to secure significant progress in the reduction of human rights violations around the globe. H.E.R. Challenge involves key members of ISSHR delivering assemblies in schools to encourage young students to participate more actively towards humanitarian efforts locally and globally.

Protect H.E.R.

A direct application of technology to reduce the occurrence of sexual assaults, ProtectHER is a program which provides users with the ability to remotely activate a smartphone’s capabilities to place distress calls to local law enforcement agencies in the advent of an emergency situation and/or attack.

Issues We Care About

At the International STEM Society for Human Rights, we approach global humanitarian crises through mobilizing local communities and implementing local programs. We see the victimization of vulnerable populations as one of the world's greatest challenges and strongly adhere to a multifaceted approach and integration of various fields of expertise to tackle human rights crises.
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  • Universal human rights
  • Gender equality
  • Education and economic growth
  • Justice and international law
  • Environmental preservation
  • Counter-terrorism