Current Projects

Teamwork-&-Partnership Collaboration with Government

The International STEM Society for Human Rights continually seeks to collaborate with local government branches, law enforcement agencies, and special government units which address core issues such a human trafficking and the commercial sexual exploitation of children, to work together and better serve the safety and well-being of our sisters and brothers around the world.
Current Projects.

Teamwork-&-Partnership Smartphone Applications

H.E.R. Rescue

A direct application of technology to reduce the occurrence of sexual assaults, H.E.R. Rescue is a program which provides users with the ability to remotely activate a smartphone’s capabilities to place distress calls to local law enforcement agencies in the advent of an emergency situation and/or attack. With the shout of the word help, a user’s smartphone automatically dials law enforcement agencies, sends GPS location and distress signals to a user’s emergency contacts and law enforcement, and has its audio and visual recording capabilities turned on, immediately stored internally, and instantaneously connected live to stream to cloud servers belonging to nearest law enforcement agencies and sex crime hotlines.

H.E.R. Protector (Tentative Title, In Development)

The prominence and structure of human trafficking around the globe is striking. With both traffickers and victims likely existing within our own backyards, it behooves all of us to help law enforcement agencies in identifying responsible parties and the innocent women and children they hold in bondage. H.E.R. Protector is a smartphone and tablet application which provides users with important parameters that serve as checklists to identify victims of human trafficking. Upon viewing questionable and degrading treatment of especially young girls and women, users may consult with H.E.R. Protector’s checklist and submit confidential reports to secured cloud servers, which will only showcase their physical location at the time of submission. The H.E.R. Protector team reviews all anonymous reports presented and when necessary, consults with local law enforcement agencies to appropriately conduct operations to rescue identified victims.

Teamwork-&-Partnership In Collaboration with the H.E.R. Conference

The H.E.R. Conference is a flagship multi-day conference program, hosted annually in various countries around the world, which provides individuals and organizations who are responsible for making significant impacts in the human rights cause to present their work in an engaging environment which will enable them to gain further support for their cause, and motivate audiences to participate more actively towards the preservation of human rights.

The H.E.R. Conference features talks, film screenings, arts exhibitions, and opportunities and special programs for local community members and stakeholders to collaborate. Preference will be given to leaders from communities local to the hosting country, and especially for women and youth leaders.

Teamwork-&-Partnership In Collaboration with the H.E.R. Clubs

The H.E.R. (Humanity Education & Rights) Clubs is an international organization comprised of students, teachers, and schools from around the world who are dedicated to making significant contributions towards the preservation of universal human rights. We work with schools and universities, to promote programs within educational institutions which address core issues surrounding human rights and especially women’s rights.