What We Do

At the International STEM Society for Human Rights, we approach global humanitarian crises through mobilizing local communities and implementing local programs. We see the victimization of vulnerable populations as one of the world’s greatest challenges and strongly adhere to a multifaceted approach and integration of various fields of expertise to tackle human rights crises.

approach Approach

Due to the numerous issues that our organization addresses, and the multiple countries we are already operating within, we are constantly involved with a growing number of initiatives and projects. Our approach is consistent with the following Parameters –

  • Application of Modern Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics to address global human rights crises. For our first few years of operation, this lies exclusively in the realm of the development of smartphone applications and related online platforms.
  • Through our sister organization, the H.E.R. Clubs – mobilization of student youth through motivational and empowering Assemblies and Clubs which center around the Human Rights Cause.
  • Through our sister organization, the H.E.R. Conferences – unity of Government, Corporates, NGO’s and the Public Sector, through annual conferences and programs designed to benefit local hosting communities.

Research&Development Research & Development

The core of the International STEM Society for Human Rights is the research and development of new technologies and programs which:

  • Address the immediate safety and well-being of especially women and children from sexual violence and exploitation.
  • Identify and rescue survivors of human rights abuses.
  • Deliver virtual education to individuals in extremely impoverished communities, especially within rural villages and refugee camps.

Distribution Distribution

All our software, programs, and products are available completely free of cost to partners and end users.

Education Education

The International STEM Society for Human Rights realizes the importance of education in addressing core human rights issues globally. Therefore, through our sister organizations, H.E.R. Clubs & H.E.R. Conferences, we work on the development of educational curricula to promote ideals of gender and racial equality throughout the world, host educational programs, conferences, assemblies and/or lectures, that are held at various high schools, universities, and other public and private venues, that aim to mobilize local community members and foster a collective understanding, appreciation and implementation of, solutions towards global and local human rights crises.

Teamwork-&-Partnership Teamwork & Partnership

The International STEM Society for Human Rights possesses no natural boundaries, and aims to operate throughout communities around the globe. We realize there are a significant number of nonprofit institutions and other organizations which aim to serve their local population. We acknowledge our peers, and respect and support them in their initiatives. We continually seek collaborations to work together in better implementing our programs, and in better serving the local population.

Teamwork-&-Partnership Collaboration with Government

The International STEM Society for Human Rights continually seeks to collaborate with local government branches, law enforcement agencies, and special government units which address core issues such a human trafficking and the commercial sexual exploitation of children, to work together and better serve the safety and well-being of our sisters and brothers around the world.